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Company Profile

Microimage Technologies Ltd. (MTL) was established in 1989 to operate a full range of micrographic and imaging service bureau to convert document records, microfilm, engineering drawings and computer output data to any microfilm or digital format. Whether clients require instant information retrieval, safe data archiving or information duplication and distribution, MTL can always provide a complete, economical and high quality solution to suite their needs.

As a Canon authorized dealer in Toronto and Ottawa for their Image Filing Division, MTL can design, sell, integrate and service a wide range of micrographic and filing systems from automated hard copy to electronic imaging systems.

MTL's services support customer acquisition and service activities throughout the financial, utility, industrial, hospital, insurance, and government markets for more than a decade in the micrographic and imaging industry.


Relevant Experiences


MTL is well acquainted with imaging and micrographic industry and is capable of providing effective solutions to customers' document management and data conversion needs

MTL is both consultant and service bureau, providing file conversion, system integration, document management and microfilm services. During the past years of operation, we have developed extensive experience in image processing with quality control and assurance, database management, system design, application development and implementation, and user training.

During the past decade, MTL has implemented a number of optical scanning and indexing, and data conversion projects for clients including government departments, major financial institutions and manufacturers, etc. in various software platforms.