Indus Archive Super Carrel

A motorized reader for 16mm and 35mm microfilm. Offers two forward and two reverse speeds using
high quality precision crafted Swiss motors. Automatic opening glass platen. Rotary control switch. Film
loading at desk level, zoom lens with magnification ranging from 18X through 42X, 24" x 24" (609mm x
609mm) screen for a large clear image, makes the Super Carrel M, a versatile reader for all libraries
and research institutions.



Screen: 24" x 24" (609mm x 609mm)
Wiring: 120 Volt, 50/60 Hz or 220/240 Volt, 50/60 Hz - Country Specific Plug
Lamp: Quartz Halogen Type DED 85 Watt 13.8 Volt
Construction: Wood Panels and Metal Center Section
Color: Oak Woodgrain Sides with Brown metal panels or White Sides with White metal panels
Dimensions: H 35½" x W 25½" x D 22½" (H902mm x W648mm x D572mm)
Weight: 117 Lbs. (53KG)


Other Features:
• Two Motor Drives W/timing Belt and Pulleys
• Proven Simple DC Motors - No tachs or Encoders, No Sensors
• Torque Maintained at Low Speed for Smooth Operation
• Dual Ball Bearings on Reel Shafts
• Rotary Speed Switch for four positions: Fast Forward, Fast Reverse, Slow Forward, Slow
Reverse, with a variable speed range in the slow position for browsing
• Linear Low Speed Level Control From Very Slow Through Medium Browse
• Rotary Switch provides Hands Free Auto Rewind
• No Film Dumping if Power Goes Off at High Speeds
• Film Tension Maintained at Low Speeds For Maintaining Good Focus During Browsing
• Rapid Film Reversal
• Auto Opening Glass Flats for High Speed, Simple Design, Delayed Closing
• End of Film Detection with Automatic Shut-Off and Reel Braking (Latched)
• End Film Speed Limiting to Prevent Film Breakage
• Accessories Jack for optional Foot Switch and controllers with Convenient Jack Access
• Separate Power Switch for On/Off, Lamp
• 360° Rotation of Film Transport
• Ruggerdized Design for Long Lasting Trouble-free Service