Microfilming Services

Microfilming may seem like an ancient way to preserve documents, but even today, it is still one of the best ways to preserve your documents.  Especially for businesses and service bureaus that has Records Retention policies in place.  Since microfilm meets the standard of long-term storage, it can be used to store multiple documents in a small amount of space, while also be available to be converted into digital format at any time.  So let MTL help your business convert various sources, everything from newspapers, bounded books or rare and delicate volumes, large (oversize) documents or drawings into microfilm and microfiche.  Your documents can be filmed at a variety of reduction ratios depending on your specific needs.  MTL can offer end-to-end service, from arranging pick-up of your source documents, preparation of documents for filming, quality control check and safe return of both your source documents and processed microfilm back to your office.  If your business already has microfilm or microfiche, MTL can also offer solutions to convert your microfilms into digital files to save you time and money on going through each microfilmed images and giving your business access to information straight from your workstation.  MTL also offers microfilm processing at our facility, as well as a wide range of microfilm supplies and equipment services.  So contact MTL today for more information or to get a quote to solve your microfilming needs.

MTL offers microfilming services such as: