Scanning Services

MTL can help convert your large volume of paper into electronic form, offering normal end-to-end service (pick-up, prepare, scan, and return scanned electronic files along with our original documents) or provide your office with customize options.  Scanning and converting large amount of paperwork is time-consuming and expensive that requires specialized scanning equipment and software.  That’s not including the time and resources you would need to delegate your office staff to performing the scanning process.  

Let MTL convert your paper documents to electronic to increase office efficiency, being able to search thousands of pages with just a quick search, at the convenience of your workstation.  Saving your staff time from having to manually looking up paperwork, to clearing out office space with eliminating office clutter created from large amount of paperwork.  So contact us today to get more information or to get a quote to scan your documents into electronic files.

MTL offers document scanning services for: