MTL Medical Solutions offers comprehensive, streamline scanning and electronic data conversion solutions for patient’s records for medical practices.  MTL offers end-to-end solution, taking responsibility of transporting, document preparation, scanning and returning of your medical records, while providing 24/7 access to original documents during scanning transition period. 

Using MTL for your medical records scanning needs will help removes clutter from the office, organizes your medical records customized to your needs and requirements. 

Digitization of medical charts and records can also provide progressive implementation to ensure a smooth transition from physical to digital.  MTL also provides medical practice closure help with securing storage of your medical records and providing your patients’ with access to their medical files on request.  MTL can also offer safe destruction of medical records on an as required basis.  

So whether you require digitization of your medical and patient records, data conversion or have questions on medical records management, let MTL help you ensure your practice transaction from physical to digital medical records are smoothly completed, while securing patient information and streamlining your management process.